2020,  Demo,  Türkei & Rojava

Kundgebung gegen Terror

1. Aufruf
2. Kurzbericht edi schwarzwasser
3. Medienbericht

1. Aufruf (Originalquelle: )

2. Kurzbericht edi schwarzwasser (Originalquelle: https://twitter.com/edi_schwarz/status/1325081317915156482)
Kurdische Demo am Berner Bahnhofplatz gegen die jüngsten Terroranschläge. Das Motto: Die Türkei bombardiert der IS massakriert. #twitterkurds #bern

3. Medienbericht (Originalquelle: https://anfenglishmobile.com/news/activists-in-germany-and-switzerland-protest-isis-attacks-47808)
The massacres of ISIS against civilians in Austria and France were protested with an action organized in Bern.
Switzerland Kurdish Democratic Society (CDK-S) held an action at Bahnhofplatz.

After a minute of silence, Nejdet Atalay made a speech on behalf of CDK Switzerland.
Atalay said: „ISIS barbarism directed against the Kurdish people in Rojava yesterday continues today with massacres in France and Austria. The European countries continue to maintain their economic, political and diplomatic relations with the Turkish state. From here we call on all European countries to join the struggle against ISIS, the enemy of humanity and to stand by the Kurdish people.“